Workshop / Mounted Miniature Orchid

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Join us for a special workshop where you'll be making a mounted miniature orchid that you can hang on the wall! Enjoy Valentine's themed cocktails and treats while you work on your botanical creation! 

Your ticket includes the materials to make one miniature mounted orchid and complimentary drinks and treats. 

We will have a huge variety of miniature orchids to choose from! Many species of orchids are epiphytes meaning they grow attached to trees in the wild as opposed to soil. In this workshop you'll learn how to recreate the orchids natural environment by mounting them to cork bark. 

The workshop takes around an hour to complete. Please be on time! Entry will not be permitted past 15 minutes after the start of the workshop. All workshop sales are final. Any cancellations must be submitted at least 48 hours prior to the workshop date to receive credit towards a future workshop.  

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