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Rousseau Plant Care - Aroid Food

You’re on top of your watering game, showering your plants with distilled or rainwater regularly. So why aren’t your plants thriving? 

In the jungle, rainwater cascades through the canopy and collects nutrients from decaying plants. When the water reaches plants, it’s full of living microbes that accelerate growth and improve soil health. Now you can give your plants the same nutrients they receive in the jungle with Aroid Food. It’s a complete nutrient, with plant extracts that promote stronger, bigger, and healthier plants while building their resistance to low humidity and pests. 

Aroid Food is great for all soil and medium types.

Supports plants from seedling to flower. 

How to Use:
Mix a 1 tsp of Aroid Food 
per gallon of water. Use with every watering.

Nutrient Facts:

  • Use with all mediums (organic soil, leca, pon, and water culture).
  • Widely tested on Aroids and tropical plants for long periods of time in different environments.
  • Safe for overhead application. 
  • After mixing nutrients with water for the first time, check pH to ensure it's within a range of 5.5 to 7. After that, there’s no need to adjust the pH at the recommended dosage.

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