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Rousseau Plant Care - Healthy Root Supplement

Roots play a crucial role as the gateway to plants. Around the roots is a world filled with symbiotic microbes. The roots feed the microbes, and the microbes help the plant absorb nutrients. Healthy Root nurtures the relationship between them, stabilizing pH and soil biochemistry, so roots absorb more nutrients.

Healthy Root works with any nutrient and is the perfect addition to Healthy Leaf and Aroid Food. It’s great for all soil and medium types.

How to Use:
Mix a ¼ tsp of Root Tonic per gallon of water. Can be mixed with Aroid Food solution.

Nutrient Facts:

  • Use with all mediums (organic soil, leca, pon, and water culture).
  • Widely tested on Aroids and tropical plants for long periods of time in different environments.
  • Safe for overhead application. 
  • After mixing nutrients with water for the first time, check pH to ensure it’s within a range of 5.5 to 7. After that, there’s no need to adjust the pH at the recommended dosage.

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