Niwaki / Hori Hori


Niwaki S-Type Hori Hori

Everyone’s favorite weeding and planting tool, with a razor-sharp, stainless-steel knife-grade blade, serrated down one side for roots and what-nots, and a chunky beech wood handle for grip. As with all Hori Horis, the steel blade is not invincible. DO NOT pull back hard on blade, it will bend.

  • Stainless Steel blade
  • Beech handles
  • Made in Sanjo, Japan

Product Specifications

  • 300 x 45 x 20mm, 170mm blade

Caring For Your Tools

  • Dry blade immediately following use, blade will rust if left wet
  • Do not cut hard materials, such as wire, metal, plastic, etc. as Japanese steel is sharp but brittle and can chip if used improperly
  • It is recommended to sharpen and clean your tools regularly; use Crean Mate to remove leaf resin, rust and gunk, sharpen with sharpening stone, and wipe with Camelia Oil to prevent further rusting. Products can be found in the Care Kit Offered.

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