Workshop / Houseplants 101


In this workshop we will cover all aspects of caring for indoor plants while you repot three different plants for you to take home!

What you'll learn:

-How and when to water your plants.

-How to assess the lighting conditions in your home to determine which plants will thrive in your space. Which plants require low light, medium light, bright indirect light and what those terms mean. 

-How and when to repot a plant. 

-How and when to fertilize your plants.

-Appropriate soil mixes for each plant type.

-How to identify common houseplant pests and how to treat them. 

-How to troubleshoot common plant issues such as yellowing leaves etc...

What you'll take home:

-THREE plants potted in matte white ceramic planters- a pothos, a monstera, and a cactus. 

-All of the knowledge for you to confidently and successfully keep houseplants!


What to bring:

-All of your plant questions!

-A notebook if you want to take notes.


The workshop takes around an hour to complete. Please be on time! Entry will not be permitted past 15 minutes after the start of the workshop. All workshop sales are final. Any cancellations must be submitted at least 48 hours prior to the workshop date to receive credit towards a future workshop.  

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