Kokedama / Red Maranta "Prayer Plant" (Preorder)


This item is part of our holiday preorder. Preorders are for local pickup only and must be picked up at our shop located at 751 Gaskill St SE Atlanta, GA 30316. Preorders can be picked up between 12/17/2023-12/23/2023 during shop hours which are 11-5 Wednesday-Monday. We are closed on Tuesdays. 

Kokedama 苔玉 is a Japanese form of bonsai that involves binding a plants roots in a ball of soil covered in moss. We first began making kokedama in 2016 and spent a year perfecting the technique. Our kokedama are made using the traditional method with a special mix of akadama soil that will hold its shape and will last for many many years when cared for correctly. Kokedama can be hung or placed on a table top in a saucer or dish. We have our handmade kokedama hangers available for preorder as well under the preorder section of our website. 

This kokedama features a red maranta "prayer plant". They were given the name prayer plant because the leaves move throughout the day and close up at night like little hands! Prayer plants require medium to bright indirect light and we have found prayer plant kokedama need to be watered around once a week. Water by submerging the moss ball under water and allowing it to soak for 20 minutes. All kokedama will come with detailed care guides. 

Please note: These items are made to order and are non-refundable. Any orders not picked up during the preorder pickup window will not be refunded. 

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