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Kokedama 苔玉 is a Japanese bonsai technique that involves binding a plants roots in a ball of soil covered in moss. We started making kokedama in 2016 and spent a year perfecting the technique. Our kokedama are made from an akadama soil mix that allows our kokedama to hold it's shape and last for many many years as long as they are cared for properly. 

Kokedama can be hung to create a suspended garden or they can be placed in a dish on a tabletop. 

Please note: Kokedama hangers are sold separately. 

Care Instructions:

To water your kokedama, completely submerge the moss ball under water. Allow to soak until you no longer see air bubbles rising to the surface (around 20-30 minutes). The frequency at which you water your kokedama will depend on the type of plant. For plants that require more moisture, do not allow the moss ball to completely dry out in between waterings. For plants that require less moisture, ensure that the moss ball is allowed to dry out in between waterings so that the bottom of the moss ball is no longer damp. Take notice of how much your kokedama weighs- they are heavy when freshly watered and very light when they are dry. Checking the weight is an easy way to determine when it is time to water. Place in an area of your home that receives the light conditions required for your specific plant.

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