Euphorbia / Tirucalli Pencil Cactus


Euphorbia Tirucalli

  • Light: Bright, direct light.

  • Water: Allow the top few inches of soil to dry completely between waterings. Use a well-draining or cactus potting mix.

  • Notes: Although referred to commonly as the pencil cactus, this plant is not a cactus, but rather a euphorbia, native to Africa and some surrounding areas.

 You'll receive a healthy specimen of this plant that meets our high-quality standards, in a plastic nursery pot of your selected size. Ceramic planter in photo is not included.

 Please expect some natural variations from the photos, no two plants are the same and each will have its own unique size, shape and character.  Basic care guidelines are listed above, send us an email or visit our plant care tips on Instagram @florafaunaatl if you have further questions.

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